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Prepared Tortoise Diets - Basics?
07-07-2012, 02:16 AM
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RE: Prepared Tortoise Diets - Basics?
I have found formulated diets a god send when it comes to my tortoises... esp the Stars... i struggled at first to get one of them to gain once and grow... but the pellets have certainly got him doing so and he is nearly adult size now... i have also found them beneficial to my others tortoises... again weight gain being one issue... but also the fact i live in the UK... where weeds can be scarce at certain times and supermarket greens are overpriced.

I have been using Mazuri exotic leaf eater with mine for quite a few year now... and can't see me stopping... it is offered three times a week... with greens offered the rest or if outside they graze.

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